Are you interested in a graduate position with us? A full internship during the summer? Or a week long micro-internship? If so, you'll want to know what you need to apply to Ensoft:

  • You must want a career developing software - that's what we do and just like the major development labs in the US we reward innovation and technical excellence, rather than job titles and salesmen.
  • The barrier to entry is high, so you need a proven academic capability. For example, you will be taking a numerate degree at one of the UK's leading Universities. As a guide, please do not apply unless you have A grades at A-level or equivalent, (or good excuses!).
  • For graduate roles some experience would help (see James's casebook), but isn't essential (see Paul's casebook). It's great to find recent graduates who have already spent their spare time developing applications and running computer systems, and who want to turn their geeky obsession into a successful career. But we can also train graduates who have the right potential to shine at software engineering. For summer internships, we want to offer a challenging and rewarding placement, so we do look for a talent and interest for writing software. For the same reason we often specify the technical background required for a week long micro-internship.
  • Finally, you must be sociable. We work closely in very hard working teams. The technical review process is rigorous and work is only accepted when the whole team understands the design and accepts it. You can't hide in an office writing amazing code and expect us to sell it and support it for our customers.
  • Oh, by the way, we believe that we are creating an exceptional company, so you need a pride and passion for your work and should expect to work with us for many years.

So, if you want a job at Ensoft, you can apply now by sending your CV to If you are a finalist, you can have your first job arranged before you embark on those hours of study needed to get through finals.

We hold interview days in Oxford and Cambridge most terms, and our interview process lasts about two hours. As our interview dates approach, we advertise our application deadlines on our Events page. You can also get reminders nearer the time by following us on Twitter (@ensoftuk) or liking us on Facebook (ensoftuk)

Sending in a CV

The format and layout of your CV are not critical - so long as the information is there and easy to find. You can send your CV as an attached document or simply as the text content of an e-mail message. Send it to us at

Essential information

Please tell us which position you are applying for: graduate; summer intern; or micro-intern.

Contact Details
Full name
Home and term address, with contact telephone numbers.
E-mail address (please provide a personal email address so that we can ensure contact outside of term-time)
Web page (if you have one).
Pre-University Education
Secondary schools attended, type of school and dates of attendance.
GCSEs - subjects and grades.
A levels - subjects and grades.
University Education
Universities attended, courses taken and dates of attendance.
Subjects studied each year during your first degree.
List of any scholarships, awards, prizes or notable academic achievements.
Outside of your course work, summarise your computing experience.
Work Experience.
Interests and vacation activities.

Additional information

Requirements for a visa.
Any further information that will help us to get to know you better and evaluate your application.
Name, address and contact details of two referees. One academic (e.g. college tutor/ Director of Studies) plus one other employer/academic.