Julian, Oxford, Engineering and Computer Science

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I decided early on in my time reading Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford that a life building bridges was not for me. I therefore leant more and more towards the computing side of my degree and in 2004 (my final year) started looking for jobs in software engineering.

Ensoft was unique amongst the companies I applied to, as there was no tedious application form asking me to write a short book describing occasions where I had shown leadership or worked in a team; I simply emailed my CV to one of the directors. The interview process was, likewise, very quick and straightforward and I found the whole process much less intimidating than I had imagined it would be. Shortly after Christmas I was offered a job, before most of the other people I knew applying for similar jobs had even had an interview, leaving me free to focus on my final exams.

What really struck me in the first couple of months of working here was how little like work it felt (although I have a feeling I'm going to be a lot busier now I've said this!). If I find my concentration waning I can have a quick game of table tennis or a chat to one of my colleagues and then return to the problem in hand with a clear head.

Even as a new starter, I felt like I was making a contribution to my team and working on areas which will actually make a difference to the final product and benefit customers.

Everyone is enthusiastic and eager to help; if the other members of my team are secretly wishing I'd shut up and stop asking hundreds of questions a day, they're hiding it very well.

Before joining Ensoft, everyone I spoke to was very keen to talk about the social side of the company and I now know why. There is a rarely a day goes by without some form of social activity being organised, from football (where everyone tries desperately to win while at the same time trying to make it look like they really don't care), pub outings and cinema visits to skiing holidays and a company trip to Athens. It's not just a handful of people who participate, either, the whole company gets involved, which leads to a real feeling of community here.

There are so many reasons why I'm enjoying working at Ensoft. Even if a software engineering job with a simple application process, challenging and interesting work, excellent pay and a great social life don't interest you, I'd still urge you to apply, if only to take advantage of the free biscuits!