Matt C, Oxford, Physics

Casebooks Matt C

During my final year at Oxford I was torn between the idea of doing a PhD or heading out into the big wide world of employment. Over the previous couple of summers I'd completed (Physics) studentships with a few different research groups and was certainly tempted by the prospect of graduate study, until rather late in the year, when I realised that the main thing I was looking forward to in a PhD was programming computers. At this point I decided I should probably skip the Physics and get a job as a Software Developer!

By the time summer term ended, I hadn't got a job lined up and was planning on doing a masters in Computer Science if I couldn't find a good job. Fortunately for me, Ensoft were recruiting for a September start, and the application process really was as easy as it sounds-I sent in my CV and a covering email, and within 48 hours was having interviews with a couple of the managers in the company. The interview process was pretty relaxed, and as it was outside term-time, it was held at their offices which meant I had the chance to chat with one of the newer employees at the company. That served to reassure me that I had made the right decision in applying to Ensoft: it really is a nice and friendly place to work. Soon afterwards, I got an email from one of the directors who had interviewed me, offering me a job-I accepted it on the spot and haven't looked back.

Since starting at Ensoft with relatively little experience, and with help from my mentor throughout the year, I've been able to meaningfully contribute towards real projects that help run the internet. Ensoft is a great place to work, everyone is happy to help, and there are plenty of company funded activities after work too. Looking to the future, there is still a lot for me to learn, and plenty more interesting and challenging projects ahead-it's also good fun!