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Much like everyone else, as I was getting towards the start of my last year at uni I started wondering what I should be doing next. There were two main options (PhD or industry), and I thought perhaps after eighteen years of education it might be time for a change; so industry it was. I already had an idea that Ensoft might be the place to go, because I did an internship here a couple of years back and really enjoyed it; so I threw my hat into the ring by sending off my CV. (It felt a little bit weird asking Chris, one of my internship mentors, to be my reference for an application to his own company.) The CTO sent me an email saying "I'm giving a presentation near you soon, come and talk to me then", so I turned up (smart shirt and trousers) ready for an interview. He asked me questions for a couple of minutes, and then said "nah, just kidding, what you did during your internship here was enough, you've got the job". And here I am!

One highlight of this year came when I was lucky enough to get the chance to go out to California for three weeks to support my team's project. After my ten months of being a new starter at Ensoft, I was just about competent enough to be the public face of Ensoft for a little while, and I thought the trip was very successful. (Not least because some of California is really, really beautiful.) There's nothing like being thrown in at the deep end to make you learn quickly, and the rest of the team was always on hand remotely if I just waited for the right time zone to roll around. That exemplifies one of the best things I've found about Ensoft: while there's a lot of difficult stuff to do, there's also a very free interchange of information around the company, and you can ask pretty much anyone for help with pretty much anything. There's a good sense of everyone pitching in to get things done, and you're never competing with your colleagues. Work/life balance is mostly under your control, and the biscuit supply is apparently unending. There's no downside to applying - just send off your CV, no further hassle!

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