Toby K, Physics, Oxford

Casebooks Toby K

I finished uni without a job, and with no real idea of what I wanted to do. I had really enjoyed my degree (Physics) and knew that I wanted to continue on to do something technical and involved. Aside from that the only other criteria I had were that I didn't want to wear a suit, I wanted to carry on learning, and I wanted to work near/in London. I'd had a flyer from Ensoft put in my pidge at the start of Trinity term and just put it to one side. When I came round to doing applications after I finished my exams I took another look and Ensoft ticked all my boxes, and so it was the first place I applied to.

As other case studies will attest, the recruitment process is super simple. There's no application form or annoying questions like "why have you always wanted to be a software engineer?", or "describe three situations where you've overcome a problem as part of a team" that are prevalent in so many other companies' recruitment documents. I just sent off my CV (typos and all), and before that week had ended I had been invited to interview. 40 minutes of logic puzzles, and a couple of interviews (where my typos were quickly picked up on) later and I was walking away, heading back to enjoy the post-exam sun. A few weeks later, Ensoft offered me a job. Life-goal achieved. Now time to learn to code.

Technically, I had done some programming in my degree - a one term course in C back in first year - though I had told Ensoft that I had never programmed, and they assured me that that wasn't an issue as everything would be covered in the bootcamp when I started in September. They were right; everything was covered, and a hell of a lot more. The bootcamp is just to get you up and running, the overall education programme lasts for about the first two years with continued presentations, and company-wide educations to keep everyone up to speed with the latest innovations in the industry. The company puts a lot of time and effort into new starter education, which makes sense as it is in Ensoft's interest to produce really good engineers.

So overall, yeah my decision paid off. While I don't use any Physics on a day to day basis, I have discovered a whole new area of study in computer science and networking, which I can assure The Uninitiated is a vast subject. There's also the social side of Ensoft, and the office as a whole. I won't say much as anything I would say would just be a repeat of what others have said, but there's plenty of socials and the office is relaxed. That's the essential stuff for me.

tl;dr 10/10 would apply again.