We all enjoy Ensoft, but why is that? Well, first and foremost it's all about the people. We recruit young, exceptional graduates with a shared passion for software development; mix that with a positive company philosophy then you have a recipe for a fantastic place to work! There really are no office politics, just great people who genuinely do get on and want to spend time together.

It's a sign of how well people do get on that there are so many activities employees arrange for their spare time:

  • Regular trips to local restaurants for lunch and evening meals, particularly on Fridays
  • Pub trips and a weekly pub quiz
  • Office games tournaments
  • Our very own fantasy football league auction (with our own internal website to manage substitutions and track points, as you might expect)
  • People even choose to go on holiday together; we have a regular employee arranged skiing trip in January and this year there are a group going sailing and diving in the Caribbean.

There are also a huge number of company funded social events arranged by a social team based on ideas from across the company. Events include:

  • Weekly five a side football and cricket matches against other companies
  • Team celebrations to mark achievements where the team choose what to do (e.g. a meal out or bowling).
  • An annual walking weekend, where we all stay together in some of the most beautiful parts of the country (e.g. Snowdonia, Lake District, Peak District) and enjoy walking, barbecues and pub visits.
  • Annual Christmas parties for employees and partners, plus an annual summer party including our families complete with bouncy castles!
  • Regular one-off company events (e.g. hot air ballooning, wine tastings, water sports, watching a 20-20 cricket match, hiring a box to watch Peterborough play football and karting)
  • Three times now we have entered a team for the UK Challenge and have done remarkably well considering the size of the companies we're up against (averaged around the top 10% of entrants)
  • Overseas company trips where we have spent a few days across a weekend in various places around the world (Reykjavik, Cape Town, Athens) doing fun things (e.g. skidooing, climbing Table Mountain or playing beach football)
  • Company celebrations for key milestones (e.g. in 2010 we took all employees and partners for dinner and entertainment on the top floor of the Gherkin)

If you would like to see more examples of the fun that we all have in Ensoft then please visit our social gallery.

The office environment itself reflects our culture and our small company feel - see here for more.

If you want to know about why people love working at Ensoft then please read our casebooks or come to see us in person when we visit for our recruitment events in the Autumn term.