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This is a unique period in networking history. For over a century, big networks around the world were built by phone companies in a telephony-centric way. The resulting global telephone system was highly reliable, but also very expensive and slow to evolve. The Internet is different. It might not meet stringent service or reliability guarantees, but is dramatically cheaper and enables explosive speed and breadth of innovation.

As a result, service providers around the globe like BT and AT&T are all ripping up that century-old manual on how to build networks. Internet technologies are being used for everything - the regular phone service, redefining TV, providing high quality private connections for hospitals and banks, or talking to satellites in space. To do this, we have to improve the Internet-style technologies to be more reliable and scalable than ever, while still preserving the cost and flexibility advantages. This is rewriting the book on how we communicate.

At the heart of these next-generation networks are machines that are right at the cutting edge of technology. They can cost millions of pounds, move terabits of data every second across continents on beams of laser light (one terabit is about a shelf-full of DVDs) and keep running pretty much continuously for a decade. These devices are not like ordinary servers, but they do have many millions of lines of complex software that brings them to life and enables all the services in the network.

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Working at Ensoft

Mugshot Rob

I absolutely love working at Ensoft. It gives me a huge buzz to work on software that gets rolled out throughout the world, and is used by people whenever they browse the internet.

Rob, Maths, Cambridge More Casebooks
Mugshot Kate

I've really enjoyed my first year at Ensoft. I've definitely worked harder than I ever did at uni, but I've found it far more rewarding knowing that the code I write will be used on real routers.

Kate, Maths, Oxford More Casebooks

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