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How we do it

Our projects are run according to the EnQuality software development standards. These combine the formal demands of ISO 9000 with the hands-on management style of Ensoft.

EnQuality allows developers to take ownership of their work, but benefit from the review and support of the team they work with.

The methodology is based on certain fundamental principles.


Project Management

First and foremost is the application of a workable and detailed approach to project management including effective status reporting and tracking all tasks to the nearest day. Comprehensive training is provided to ensure all managers can combine their technical skills with the necessary management analysis and judgement.


We place a real emphasis on design - ensuring issues are addressed and thought out before coding begins, thus ensuring the detailed implementation is neither wasted, nor suffers in quality due to unnecessary reworking. This allows engineers to concentrate on the creative aspects of the work, working within a team to define and agree the ‘right’ architecture without getting bogged down in the details of the code.


We apply rigorous coding standards so that the coder is liberated to implement the best algorithms and clearest code without concern for the subjective preferences between team members on particular coding style. This also ensures all code can be easily understood by the whole team, which helps minimise the time spent on future support.


Finally, we have created a test methodology that reflects the speed and aptitude of our team, enabling creative solutions to be used within a formal project structure. To support this we have invested heavily in test frameworks and tools. This approach enables very comprehensive testing to be performed with remarkably fast turn around which is enjoyable for the developer (getting code ‘almost bug free’ is satisfying!). It is also hugely beneficial from a project standpoint that we deliver code with very few defects into our customers’ formal product testing.