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Alex, Oxford, Maths & Computer Science

Casebooks Alex

Having spent most of my first university summer vacation either inside the same pub with old school friends or being stuck at my parent's house in my old bedroom in my hometown, I decided very quickly that I wanted to spend my second summer doing something more productive. I was adamant I would try for an internship somewhere to earn some money and experience. But upon arriving back at Oxford and remembering just how heavy the workload was I very quickly gave up on the idea blaming lack of time!

It was only later in the term when I received a leaflet from Ensoft in my pidge that I began to think about the idea again. The leaflet made a big point of the application process being really simple with interviews held in Oxford and otherwise only requiring a CV. Because of this I decided to apply and couldn't agree more with the claims of simplicity. I sent off a quick CV, and then later attended an interview in Oxford on the way back from lectures. The interview itself only took roughly 2 hours and didn't require anything in the way of special preparation. I then received an acceptance email shortly afterwards.

Before even arriving at Ensoft I was made to feel incredibly welcome, receiving a point of contact whom was incredibly helpful, actively helping me to find accommodation (having emailed around the office for people who could accommodate a lodger and passing that information back to me without me even asking), answering any questions I had about the role and even offering to sort out an advance on my first paycheck to help with placing a deposit on a flat if I wanted to rent somewhere instead of lodging.

The internship itself was a brilliant experience, having been paired with the other intern we were given a genuinely interesting project to work on which would potentially be of actual use to the company! (Having spoken to friends interning at other companies this actually seems fairly rare!) We were given a series of managers whom were always incredibly helpful and friendly, allowing us to have a fair amount of independence with our project, offering pointers and guidance when needed.

The company was a pleasantly laid back place to work, especially pleasing for me being their flexible start time ("Anytime before 10ish"). Ensoft also seemed to run an incredible number of social events ranging from summer bbq's, ice cream breaks in the middle of the afternoon if the day was deemed to be nice, sports events at lunch and the infamous table football table rankings, games taking place whenever people felt like taking a short break from work.

I have felt exceptionally welcome here and have had an amazing time. One of my big worries before coming would have been that as I didn't know anyone in the area the evenings would be really boring, but my worries were unfounded. Everyone here being very friendly and running all manner of unofficial socials after work from pub trips to film nights.

I would whole heartedly recommend the internship to anyone thinking of working in software after they graduate. I feel I have not only had a very genuine experience of working at Ensoft, but have also had a very enjoyable summer!