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Andrei, Oxford, Computer Science

Casebooks Andrei

My Ensoft journey began with a mail from the Computer Science department, which informed the undergrads about the coming deadline for an internship position at Ensoft. Seeing how easy it was to apply (only a CV was needed), I decided to go ahead and do it. My application was successful and I was interviewed near my college (so I didn't need to travel at all!). The interview itself had two parts, a quick aptitude test followed by two chats with Ensoft managers based on my CV. After waiting for a week, I received an email informing me that I was offered a place for the internship, which I quickly accepted.

After my 10 weeks of working here, I can say that Ensoft is an informal, very friendly company that I really enjoyed working for. Flexible hours, lots of social events and societies, a relaxed working environment all contributed to a wonderful experience indeed. The internship itself was very nicely organized. The first week I got to meet the other interns and was mainly composed of "tutorials" on Python and other technologies that we were about to use. After this, we were introduced to the project itself, an open-source profiling tool aimed at profiling the server OSs Ensoft was working on (so it had real world applications). It was a very interesting project, during which I learned lots of valuable skills such as designing modular software and managing a fairly big open source project. We had great support, our manager being actively involved in the project and helping us whenever we required assistance. Towards the end, we got the chance to showcase our tool in a company-wide presentation, which was very cool.

Looking back, I think the internship at Ensoft was probably the best way to spend my summer, having a great time and learning new skills at the same time!