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Ed, Oxford, Maths

Casebooks Ed

Before applying to Ensoft, I actually worked in Amsterdam for a few years for a finance company. However, I soon learnt that the long hours and foreign lands were not really for me and returned after a couple of years. I had never really considered a software development role towards the end of my university life, given I had not really done any programming as part of my Maths degree, and hence assumed I had no chance of getting a good role.

However, one of my best friends worked in the industry and had always talked highly of the problem solving aspects, something which certainly attracted me. I did some research and came across Ensoft on the Oxford Careers Network page. I read some of these very Casebooks on the website and thought it sounded perfect. An 'Oxbridge' college atmosphere with a multitude of social events, from walking weekends to pub quizzes, and an excellent starting salary to boot. There's inter-company five-a-side football at least once a week, with eleven-a-side football and cricket matches against other companies over the summer months.

Of course, I did not think I had much of a chance of securing a job, given my aforementioned lack of experience but I had nothing to lose, so applied. That resulted in an email from the Managing Director himself a couple of days later, inviting me to sit the aptitude test and have a couple of interviews, which, as other people have mentioned, were more like chats, allowing them to get to know you.

The process is another big plus. In my opinion, companies know if they want to hire you reasonably quickly and in the past, I had experienced my fair share of onerous interviews with HR, often over the phone, where I was asked the same questions that I had answered on their seemingly endless online forms. Ensoft, on the other hand, know what they want and don't waste people's (and their own quite frankly) time.

In my first week at Ensoft, we were off throwing knives and doing some archery in the Hertfordshire sunshine and after a great walking weekend in Exmoor a couple of months later, undoubtedly the highlight of the year was the company weekend in St Petersburg. A truly unforgettable experience.

Meanwhile in the office, after three weeks of training, I have been given all the support I need, in order to develop and become a productive member of a team, working on challenging and rewarding projects. Everyone is so intelligent, patient and willing to help, which obviously is part of what makes Ensoft successful. The size of the company obviously gives all employees the chance to contribute and continue their own personal development.

The atmosphere on the floor is relaxed yet concentrated. The directors sit next to and chat with the employees, rather than hide away in their own offices, which I think is a nice touch and contributes to the strong team environment. All this coupled with the young, bright minds of one's colleagues makes Ensoft such a great place to work and I would recommend it to everyone!