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Andrei, Oxford, Computer Science

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During my second year of Computer Science at Cambridge, I decided I wanted to do a summer internship in software engineering. I applied to Ensoft because I have always found networks fascinating, and so the prospect of finding out how the software and hardware in a router works sounded exhilarating to me. Moreover, I felt that the company's obvious emphasis on social activities and its willingness to accept graduates from different scientific backgrounds would create a diverse and stimulating environment to work in.

The application process was quick and easy, with the interview consisting of an aptitude test and two informal and non-technical chats that seemed to aim more at ensuring a good fit and enthusiasm for learning than necessarily testing technical knowledge.

The internship was challenging and fun: I was pleased I got to work on a project with immediately apparent applications, knowing that it would be of use to the company and others, as I was able to open-source the project. I can also definitely say that I gained valuable hands-on experience in designing and managing software projects and writing and testing production code, which I know will help in my career whatever specific path I will eventually take. In addition, Ensoft offers frequent education talks, in which employees from the engineers up to the CTO give presentations about technical topics, hardware, programming techniques etc. which were a great addition to the practical day to day work.

Moreover, I particularly appreciated the friendly and helpful atmosphere at Ensoft. Having been an intern at other companies and in academia before, I was not expecting this level of mentoring from an internship. Each intern gets assigned a personal mentor who works with them on their project and answers questions. The other employees also take time from their work time to explain concepts and to help the interns wherever they can.

Furthermore, Ensoft creates a welcoming environment for its employees outside working hours. Activities during lunch, such as football, take place on a daily basis, in addition to outings in the afternoons and regular cricket matches with BBQs.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time at Ensoft and would recommend it to anyone who would like to experience software engineering at its best - challenging, sociable, and impactful.