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Hrutvik, Cambridge, Computer Science

Casebooks Hrutvik

I interned with Ensoft after my third year of university for eight weeks. Early in my third year, I applied to many different companies - as many have said, Ensoft's process was the simplest, with only a simple CV submission and an assessment very close to the city centre.

After receiving the offer, I was put in touch with the Ensofter who would be looking after me during the internship. They organised the dates that I would be there and I was encouraged to think about accommodation - in the end I stayed at Hatbox in Luton, but I was given plenty of options, including staying in a spare room at an Ensofter's house. I was also asked about my programming experience, so that I could be given any necessary training.

The first week of the internship was mostly getting set up on the laptops, and learning to use Python through some useful presentations and exercises. While our project manager was away that week, we were taken care of by other Ensofters in our office. They were all extremely helpful, and had time set aside to help with even the smallest problem we were having. We could also message just about anyone in the company for help if we needed. It was very clear that the internship was geared towards us enjoying Ensoft and making something interesting/useful, while getting some real-world software development experience.

The company culture was extremely friendly, with fun quirks like jacket potato Tuesdays, weekly breakfasts and more. There were no set timings, as long as we came in at reasonable times and so on. The focus was more on progress and achievement rather than time spent. Monthly company-wide meetings updated everyone on the status of all current projects, future social events, and so on - these were very interesting to attend! There were regular pub trips, as well as a summer BBQ, walking weekend, and more. The office had plenty of ways to procrastinate, including a pool table, table tennis, table football, and lots of snacks.

We were working as a team of three interns to create a tool for profiling Linux systems, with the aim to use it in Ensoft systems to help diagnose inefficient operation. Just like all other teams at Ensoft, we used an agile development practice - stand-up meetings each morning, and sprint planning meetings every two weeks or so. The project was open-sourced on GitHub, so version control and so on were useful skills - but no prior knowledge was assumed.

It was a very useful experience in building a project from the ground up, using real-world software development practices (such as testing). We could draw on the experience of many other Ensofters, and presented the project to a director and then the whole company before we left. Our manager was in the same office as us, and always on hand to answer even the slightest questions (on top of the daily standups, sprint planning meetings, and other one-on-one meetings to track progress/raise any concerns we had).

Overall, I think you would struggle to find an internship experience as enjoyable and rewarding as at Ensoft!