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Isaac, Cambridge, Computer Science

Casebooks Isaac

I almost didn't apply for an internship at Ensoft, but the application process is so easy that it's difficult to justify not giving it a go! I sent in my CV (no covering letter or tedious application form) and turned up for my interview, which turned out to be a short, interesting aptitude test followed by two very informal chats with a couple of Ensoft managers. Shortly afterwards, Ensoft got back to me offering me an internship. It was convenient getting my summer sorted so early - I accepted the offer before any other internships had even interviewed!

On arrival, I felt welcome and at ease straight away - everyone at the company is very friendly and helpful. After a week or two of being brought up to speed on the technologies that we would be using, the other intern and I began work on our project for the rest of the internship. We were developing a user interface to demonstrate to customers how to easily use a new feature being developed by Ensoft. I think it was the first time that the interns have worked on something directly relevant to the company's main work, and it worked very well. The nature of the project meant that there was no stressful pressure to achieve, yet it was very rewarding knowing that if we did achieve, then our work would be presented to Ensoft's big-name customers.

A good balance was struck during our time at Ensoft between giving us a healthy amount of independence to develop the software by ourselves and making sure that we were happy with what we were doing and having access to experienced help whenever we wanted it. Being sat in the company's open plan offices certainly helped us to feel comfortable to talk to the other people in the development team we were placed in if we needed to.

Another thing that I particularly appreciated was the flexibility in when I worked. As long as I felt that I was pulling my weight, they were happy. This meant that I could leave early some days, if there was something I wanted to do that evening, and make up for it by staying later other times. It also meant that there was no problem with me taking holiday at odd times to attend music festivals.

Overall, if you want a taste of what software development is like "in the real world", in a friendly and supportive environment, then I definitely recommend applying for an internship at Ensoft - as I said above, the application process is so easy that you don't really have an excuse not to!