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A software job is one of the obvious choices for a Maths student, and after trying some coding I decided to apply to software companies. Accepting my job offer from Ensoft has turned out to be a fantastic decision. Ensoft has a really friendly working atmosphere, as well as loads of socials and pub trips, and in general is nothing like the stressful boring 9-to-5 that you will probably face if you decide to work elsewhere.

As well as doing interesting work, Ensofters get involved in various other activities during the week. There's a nearby gym and a football team, people play games at lunchtime and there is a group that do crosswords (I've joined in once or twice, but my talent here is yet to surface). One thing that sometimes gives people a shock is that the Ensoft office is in Harpenden (i.e. not in London). It's possible to live in London though - I live in West Hampstead, and my train to work is only 20 minutes.

It turns out programming can be really absorbing in a problem-solve-y way, and it's good to be doing something where I'm constantly learning and improving. The education setup for new starters is brilliant and I've learnt a huge amount in my first year. I was sent to visit a client site in San Jose for a couple of weeks this summer with another member of my team, which was a great experience (and, needless to say, really fun), and it was fantastic that I was given that opportunity in my first year of working here!