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James H, Oxford, Physics

Casebooks James H

During my second year at Oxford, after walking around one of the careers fairs, I decided to apply to Ensoft. The first of many pleasant surprises was that there would be no stressing about how early to get the train for interview. The people interviewing me from Ensoft came direct to Oxford.

The Interview process was simple and very purposeful. One "aptitude" type test and two interviews. The first relaxed and the second slightly more formal (but not scary in any way). In fact, although I left feeling I'd had an excellent insight into what working for Ensoft may be like the whole process can't have taken more than three hours out of my day. Looking back the interview process was just like how Ensoft worked; slick, no timewasting and friendly.

After the delight of receiving the summer internship offer the next step was finding accommodation. People in the company were very helpful throughout, but in the end I decided to stay in the University of Bedford accommodation on their Luton campus.

From the first day I was made to feel welcome immediately as I was introduced to my mentor and the other intern who I would be working with, Patrick. At lunch we went for drinks with the rest of the company and were made to feel immediately at home.

Before Ensoft I had some experience coding in python but had never produced code to be used or modified by anyone else before. For the first day or so we did some practice coding to see what level we were at. After that we were thrown right into our main project, taking smaller steps at first, but it was exciting to get started doing something that was properly useful. Everyone was hugely helpful and always open to you asking questions. Looking back I can't believe how much I've learned in the 10 weeks I was here. The main code base was in python but I've also done some coding in html and JavaScript. As a pair Patrick and I also got the chance to show off what we had done in a presentation to the whole company.

The atmosphere around Ensoft was really refreshing. Everyone seems very relaxed but at the same time hard working which makes for an extremely efficient environment. The hours you work are pretty flexible as well and you're welcome to take a longer lunch especially if you're taking part in an activity at lunchtime.

At Ensoft we were encouraged to socialise outside work time. As well as lunchtime five a side there was the occasional bike ride at lunch or after work. I also played cricket for Ensoft against some other companies and although I hadn't played in at least 7 years everyone was again really welcoming and I really enjoyed myself, particularly with the BBQ afterwards. If you're not the sporty type there were things for you as well with "Thai Friday" (where people go to the pub for a Thai meal on a Friday) and other such socials.

My time at Ensoft has been wonderful. Not only have I learned a huge amount, but I've also had chance to enjoy myself. While the ten times adjustable chair's excellent, by far the best thing about Ensoft though is the people you work with; I couldn't recommend working at Ensoft highly enough.