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Kate, Oxford, Mathematics

Casebooks Kate

I applied to Ensoft at the end of my Maths degree. I've always been interested in working with computers and having taken all the available computer science options, I was keen to get a job writing software.

It quickly became apparent that there aren't many companies who are willing to take on a graduate with only a small amount of programming experience and train them, so I was preparing to broaden my job search when I saw a recruitment email from Ensoft. They sounded like the perfect company and the application process seemed so much simpler than anywhere else, so I cut my post-exam celebrations short to go and meet them at the recruitment fair. All I had to do was send off my CV and I got an interview for the following day!

Unlike some of the previous interviews I'd had, there was just a simple aptitude test and some informal chats. This is typical of the relaxed, friendly atmosphere at Ensoft - within the first few weeks I was playing poker with one of the directors on the company's annual walking weekend!
Working at Ensoft feels like an Oxbridge college: everyone does work hard, but there's also a great social life and regular Ensoft-sponsored events.

All the new starters spent the first few weeks in training where we were all taught the basics we'd need to know before joining our teams. I was a little nervous at first as I definitely had the least programming experience of all the new starters, but the exercises we worked through were easy enough that I could understand them, but weren't boring for those with more experience. When we joined our teams, we started doing real work straight away: starting off with small bugfixes and moving on to larger projects such as writing a new feature or test suite.

I've really enjoyed my first year at Ensoft. I've definitely worked harder than I ever did at uni, but I've found it far more rewarding knowing that the code I write will be used on real routers.