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Kath, Oxford, Maths

Casebooks Kath

At the beginning of my 3rd year studying Maths I received a letter from Ensoft suggesting I might want to consider doing an internship with them over the next summer. A few weeks later, I attended a careers fair and was pleased to see how friendly everyone at the Ensoft stand was, and how interesting the work looked. Convinced, I sent off my CV and, just before Christmas had a few quick interviews and took a logic test. It was all very relaxed, and it lasted less than 2 hours - perfect for someone trying to finish 8th week problem sheets. I was delighted to be offered a place on the internship, and it was a great relief to have my summer sorted well before the exam season.

I've really enjoyed my time at Ensoft. I've never felt bored at work, and the office environment is really friendly. I was amazed how extensive the social side of Ensoft is. There are active groups dedicated to a wide range of interests, and lots of other random social events get organised too. At the end of my first day there was the annual Ensoft v Ensoft cricket match. Despite my getting caught out about 5 times, it was a great evening. Also worth mentioning is the weekly company cooked breakfast, and the biscuit box in each office, which I was lucky enough to have on my desk for the first few weeks.

I'm now at the end of my 10 weeks here, and my programming skills have improved significantly. Before this summer, I'd only done very casual programming-writing little projects in Python and vague attempts to learn Java. My first 3 days at Ensoft were dedicated to fast-track Python education, along with learning about all the other tools that we'd be using. Since then, I've continued learning new skills just about every day. I've been working with a variety of languages helping to build a web app which is linked with real code being written by fulltime Ensofters. Any time I or the other intern, Isaac, ran into difficulties, there was a whole team of people willing to help us debug the issue, and eventually fix it. In terms of experience, I can't imagine anything much better.