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Mark, Cambridge, Chemical Engineering (PhD)

Casebooks Mark

Having studied chemical engineering as an undergraduate and then acquiring a PhD in magnetic resonance imaging techniques, it was not the most obvious choice to move into software engineering. However, I felt that it was the area of work that I would enjoy the most, but I was worried that a lack of formal software engineering education would be a serious limitation. Fortunately, Ensoft are less worried about programming experience and more about whether you can think logically.

The application process was quick and relatively painless (well, as painless as these processes can be). Two short interviews, which felt more like a chat that anything else and an aptitude test which was enjoyable (but then I am kind of perverse in that I like those things). Within a short period I had heard back, unlike most of my friends who were going through round upon round and still had not heard anything after several months.

I was looking for a company with challenging work, but a friendly atmosphere. It is a hard thing to pull off, but Ensoft have managed it.

It is a work-hard environment, but if you have a problem then everyone is friendly enough that you can just ask for advice. Just the kind of place I wanted to work for.

But work is not the only thing that Ensoft is about. About two weeks after accepting the job, I began to be bombarded with emails regarding everything under the sun: did I want to go on a skiing-trip? Did I want to go to the Christmas party (this was June time…)? And still they kept coming. I started getting the impression that Ensoft was not just a place to work, but a place to enjoy work. This philosophy is shown in many ways – from the air hockey table in the entrance to the company breakfasts (just make sure you get moving fast before someone pinches all the bacon) to the weekly football games. You just cannot ask for much more.