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Martin, Oxford, Mathematics

Casebooks Martin

Like lots of people during 3rd year I spent an unfortunate amount of time applying to graduate jobs; the endless questions and aptitude tests. It was quite refreshing to get an inviting email, through the Maths department, from Ensoft inviting me to come and meet them at a career's fair, send in my CV and have a potential interview a few days later in Oxford! First impressions aren't always true, but I have found for Ensoft that it was pretty close, everybody is really friendly and it is a great place to work.

In my year there was quite a variety of prior coding experience, from 'very little' to a PhD CompSci, so it was quite nice being happily in the middle. Ensoft does a pretty good job at picking people with the right aptitude, and assume no knowledge (and hope for no bad habits) for when you start. The education program starts off with a period of training to get everyone to the same level, so when we move onto our teams the work we did was new/challenging all around.

I mainly worked on one protocol in this last year, but during my first 6 months I also covered a range of different protocols, which gave me a good sample of the different projects people work on. A year in and the work is still exciting and poses new challenges.

The thing I love most about Ensoft is its friendly atmosphere, almost like a mini Oxbridge college. There's certainly a lot to do each week, most of my time has been between running/football, and you certainly can't miss out on the social events that come up throughout the year.