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Matthew, Oxford, Engineering Science

Casebooks Matthew

As a software company with a strong recruiting presence at Oxford, the name Ensoft was already familiar to me when I started the application process for a week-long Micro-Internship. That, and an overview of the interesting work I would be doing, was enough to entice me to apply. One short video interview later, and I received a reply with the offer.

Being a micro-intern doesn't mean that you're overlooked - I had a nicely equipped desk in one of the open plan areas right next to my mentor, and lots of direction and resources available to get my assigned tasks done. The basic administrative requirements were out of the way quickly on my first day, letting me get stuck into the technical side for the rest of the week. As expected, the work was challenging but rewarding, and gave me a good overall view and understanding of the underlying internal company system I was adding functionality to.

Outside of work, the social environment at Ensoft was fantastic. Despite being there for only a week I still got to experience a bunch of the regular internal events and social activities including a pub trip on Monday, cooked breakfast at work on Thursday and a lunchtime playing board games. The abundance of healthy snacks and hot drinks was also very welcome.

By the end of the week I felt like I had really contributed something useful back to the company, and gained a lot of valuable experience in quickly coming to grips with software I wasn't familiar with. Altogether I would highly recommend doing a micro-internship with Ensoft - I got everything I wanted out of it.