Michael, Cambridge, Maths

Casebooks Michael

I applied to Ensoft near the start of my fourth year studying Maths at Cambridge. The admissions procedure was refreshingly simple and I would recommend it to anyone. I just sent off a CV, did a couple of small interviews and sat an IQ style test. I feel that my (relatively little) past programming experience was a help here, but the interviews mainly focused on other topics.

When I arrived at Ensoft nearly a year later with several other new starters, we attended a "boot camp" intended to teach us C. I found these exercises very enjoyable - I really think that the training provided by Ensoft towards the start of my time here has been very good. A number of my friends work for other software companies and I think Ensoft comes off very well there. Ensoft also does well on are the salary and it is probably worth mentioning Ensoft's recent position as 12th on the Times best small companies to work for list (which was the best position for a software company). Personally, I also like the idea of working on the kind of system level problems that Ensoft typically deals with rather than the apps and websites that some other companies seem to specialize in.

I have learnt a lot over my first year: how to code in C, a much better understanding of the fundamentals of Python, what it is like to be part of a company focused on high quality at every stage of the development process, a decent amount of Linux stuff (including vim which is definitely optional!) and a little bit about a few of the network protocols etc. that Ensoft works on. I have found the people I work with very willing to answer questions, which has been a great help. The working atmosphere is quite relaxed which I also appreciate - it gives me a bit more freedom to investigate particular aspects of my work which are of interest to me.

The social scene offers a good variety with pub trips, team socials and yearly walking weekends to name a few. In addition to the socials actually put on by the company, I have found in general that Ensofters are quite active organizing events of their own so if you have a particular hobby in mind there is a decent chance that you will be able to interest some other people at Ensoft.

Overall, Ensoft is a great place to work. Many employees have been here for a long time considering the company is only around 18 years old and everyone still seems to enjoy their work!