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Rob, Cambridge, Mathematics

Casebooks Rob

I absolutely love working at Ensoft. It gives me a huge buzz to work on software that gets rolled out throughout the world, and is used by people whenever they browse the internet. Every day I am challenged and my mind is stretched, and it is always a fantastic feeling to know that I've made a difference to this incredible system.

Before I came to Ensoft, I enjoyed programming in my spare time -- little hobby projects mainly. But once I started here, I realised I was working with people with a tremendous amount of experience and expertise. Whether you've programmed all your life, or you've never done it before, you all start on the same level playing field and you are taught from the ground up how to write brilliant code. I think this brilliance is what sets Ensoft apart from other software companies; when entire networks depend on the reliability of what you are creating, there is no option but to be the very best.

Of course, you're not on your own. Ensoft is a very friendly place with people who delight in helping each other. Whether it's debugging a sticky crash, helping out a customer or finding a creative way of testing what you've done, everyone learns from everyone else.

The social side of Ensoft is fantastic, with plenty to do both inside and outside the office. Whether it's a pint after work or a walking trip in Snowdonia, there's room here for everyone. My favourite part of the year is the trip to see the fireworks in St Albans, which are spectacular.

Although I've only been here a year, I've already designed and written a new feature. I've also taken the lead with supporting and maintaining important existing code.

Every day I go home with a smile on my face; I challenge you to find another software house that manages that.