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Toby, Cambridge, Maths

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As I entered my final year at university, it dawned on me that four years of lazing around and playing football would shortly be coming to an end. While weighing up where to start with the job hunting process, I stumbled across the Ensoft presentation. The work sounded interesting, the starting salary was good and the application process was so simple that I sent off my CV the next day. The application process lived up to its billing - just an aptitude test and a couple of interviews and I never even had to leave Cambridge. A couple of weeks later I was sitting on a job offer and looking forward to a final year without the pressure of finding a job.

I started work at Ensoft the following September, in 2004. Within a few weeks I was doing real work as part of a team. I was assigned a mentor and was never short of help and support when I needed it. The work was both interesting and challenging and I was given more responsibility as I was able to handle it.

A year later and I took the lead designing the implementation of a new protocol. Two years in and I was given a small team to manage, with extra responsibility for delivering real products to the quality that is expected within Ensoft.

I've now been working here for several years and still find the work as interesting as ever - working with major US companies offers the chance to work with experts on cutting edge products and technologies.

Working at Ensoft is not just about the job though. The office is open plan with a friendly atmosphere and there's the table football, pool table and table tennis to turn to when you need a break. The list of social events seems endless - from weekly activities such as 5-a-side, cinema trips and cricket nets, to the bigger company events such as karting and weekends abroad. Then on Friday night there's always a good group of people ready to go down to the pub and out for a meal.

So all in all, I'm struggling to find any downsides to working at Ensoft. Friendly people, challenging work and a social life thrown in for free - the job is everything I hoped for and more.