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Career Development

The Ensoft organisation is focused on what we enjoy doing, i.e. producing top quality software to solve some of the world's most challenging software problems, providing real opportunities for innovation and creative thought. So everyone is first and foremost expected to become a first rate software developer. This is, after all, what we all joined Ensoft to do! Ensoft employees are all driven by a passion to develop software, so for many people this is where they want to retain their focus.

For those who want more responsibility there are four main roles (note that these are not job titles - not everybody with the same job title has precisely the same responsibilities); you could become:

  • Responsible for people - helping to develop other employees by passing on your experience through mentoring and management.
  • Responsible for technical direction - engaging with other technology experts around the world.
  • Responsible for projects - planning the delivery, coordinating within and across teams, managing customer relationships and ensuring that we deliver (and we always do!)
  • Responsible for the company - we run the company for the employees so many of the company responsibilities are distributed amongst the employees. Responsibility can range from the various office jobs that our employees take on to reduce bureaucracy (e.g. managing our recycling policy) through to being a member of the social team with control of a dedicated and substantial budget through to driving the company as a whole (indeed all of the directors - apart from the founders - were originally Ensoft graduate recruits themselves)

So in summary what sort of career do people have in Ensoft? Firstly it is a career you will enjoy; doing challenging work, working alongside some of the brightest and most knowledgeable experts in the industry and being well rewarded. But it is also a great foundation - you can leave - a key differentiator is that we teach folks to develop software really well. Few companies do this (as few deliver to our quality, on time). So, if you add the fact we do learn key networking technologies, learn how to work effectively, communicate clearly and work with other people, then an Ensoft trained person has an excellent base for their career should they choose to leave.. But typically they don't!

Working at Ensoft


I started work at Ensoft the following September, in 2004... A year later and I took the lead designing the implementation of a new protocol. Two years in and I was given a small team to manage.

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