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Ensoft is all about the people. The office is there simply to provide a relaxed and supportive environment so you are free to focus on doing great work, whether that's concentrating on writing some code on your own, or collaborating intensively with colleagues.

We have recently undergone a major refurbishment to get a more spacious office, with top-of-the-line facilities like bright "full spectrum" lighting. Everybody gets a super-ergonomic Herman Miller desk chair that adjusts to fit them. There's no dress code - everyone is encouraged to dress in a way that is comfortable and reflects their personality.

The main working areas are all open plan - we like working together to ensure a good, relaxed, collaborative atmosphere. No-one has an individual office (not even directors!). We do have lots of meeting rooms though, since we talk a lot, both face-to-face and remotely to places like the US. There are also quiet areas if someone wants to really concentrate on something.

As with any creative problem solving, sometimes you need a change of scene to relax or let the ideas flow. So we have a bunch of tea rooms (good for gossip as well as beverages), a kitchen and social area, a “comfy area” (with settees) and a variety of office games (currently table tennis, pool, table football and darts). We also have a “company breakfast” together each week and a choice of biscuits and fruit to satisfy both the health conscious and the chocolate lovers.

Pool Table

Table Tennis