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Recruitment FAQ

How do I apply and what is the process I have to follow to get a job?

The application process is very simple: you need to upload your CV on our applying page. We hold interview days in Oxford and Cambridge most terms, and our interview process lasts about two hours and includes one aptitude test and two interviews. As our interview dates approach, we advertise our application deadlines on our Events page. You can also get reminders nearer the time by following us on Twitter(@ensoftuk) or on Facebook(ensoftuk).

Jobs are offered on the basis of these interview sessions and all successful applicants are invited to visit our offices in Harpenden to get to know our people, the office environment and the local area.

Typically graduate jobs are finalised by early January. However, we do monitor applications all year round and assess all CVs that we receive on their merits.


What is the social scene like at Ensoft?

The company's job is primarily to ensure employees get on well together and enjoy work. Part of this is to provide a framework where the enthusiasm of our recent graduates translates into social events and, of course, to fund them where necessary!

For more details, see the social and social gallery pages.


What training is provided?

Ensoft recruits recent graduates, typically straight from University. Because of this our culture has evolved so that training is an integral part of our working lives.

For further details, see our training page.


What are the opportunities for travel?

We work with development teams around the world, in particular Silicon Valley in California, as well as Canada, India and occasionally other locations. There can be opportunities for travel for technical meetings and software support. These assignments can be for a couple of weeks or for an extended period of several months.


What expectation can I have of future remuneration?

Ensoft is a very successful company, with a proven track record over more than 20 years and a secure business stream. This provides the basis from which our employees can not only get well trained and have an interesting job, but also enjoy substantial remuneration.

Our starting salary signals our intention to recruit top quality graduates and reward them well. We make a commitment to a higher annual salary, rather than starting bonus, since that creates the key reference point for future remuneration and sets it at a higher level. (Of course we are always around to help if new starters have problems with deposits or overdrafts.)

The remuneration framework within the company then provides the mechanics to reward the contribution of all employees.


Do you accept applications from candidates who require a visa?

We accept all applications uploaded via the form on our Applying page.

Please make sure that your visa requirements are stated with your application.

Please note that any successful applicant is required to produce original, acceptable documents confirming the right to work in the UK before employment commences.


Will I be given any assistance with finding some accommodation?

Our summer interns have always been able to find short-term accommodation. From prior experience there has always been enough affordable accommodation nearby, and we can help new starters hook up with local rental agencies etc.

We are also happy to help where further individual assistance is required. For example, in the past current employees have checked out an occasional rental property on behalf of the new starter.

For more information about Harpenden please see our location page.