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Ensoft recruits recent graduates, typically straight from University. So our culture has evolved to make training an integral part of our working lives.

The training covers all aspects of software development, including the core skills required to excel at software development covering design, code and test. This is based on the EnQuality methodology that equips everyone with the ability to deliver not only "on time", but also with extremely high quality. The skills will be the foundation of the careers for all of our employees and make us exceptional in the eyes of our customers who are, themselves, experts in the software industry.

Beyond the core skills, we invest heavily in the specialised knowledge required for working in the networking industry - both router architecture and design and all of the technologies and protocols involved. These are taught through presentations and online training as well as through reading books.

Finally, the broader management skills and, in particular, project management are a key part of the development of the company. This is taught through a detailed, proprietary training guide to management that is part of the EnQuality process.

The training starts with a three week intensive induction course, which is part of a three tier programme. This is followed by on-the-job training where new graduates are supported within their team by senior developers. You must be able to learn quickly and take responsibility for your tasks, but will be given tremendous support from the whole team. Further training via presentations and workshops continues in parallel; some is dedicated to new graduates, but we also run weekly education presentations for the benefit of the whole company.

All training and on-the-job support is devised and delivered by Ensoft employees (supplemented by external courses/presentations to give a broader context to our work). This is a key factor. Ensoft develops software - nothing else! We don't do marketing, advertising, product management, sales or general admin. We are specialists in software with a reputation for quality. You will be taught by people right at the top of their field - managers who do not miss dates, designers who solve problems that many have struggled with and coders who generate exceptionally accurate code that has few bugs and is very efficient. The quality of the training can be judged by the breadth and depth of the knowledge we impart, but more importantly by just how good the people are who teach you.

This approach allows you to develop at your own pace and creates career opportunities as soon as you can handle them - whether it be a senior technical role, customer support or project management.

Working at Ensoft


I started off feeling like I knew less than most of the other new starters, but ended the three weeks having enjoyed the challenge of problem solving and with the feeling that I was going to enjoy the job.

Zoe, Maths, Oxford More Casebooks

Ensoft provides great training right from the go in everything you need to know: programming, development tools, software engineering, router architecture and design, networking technologies and more..

Nick, Computer Science, Cambridge More Casebooks